Aquapark for Yachts 

Welcome to Spinera Aquapark for Yachts! Our Spinera Professional Aquapark products are designed to fulfill every dream you have for water-based fun, offering not just thrilling jumping and climbing adventures but also the excitement of sliding down multiple slides right into the water, all conveniently situated behind your yacht.

Our aqua park elements are quickly inflated and ready for use, and just as easily stowed away again, making them extremely popular among yacht owners who value both excitement and convenience.


  • High speed inflation & deflation system - quickly inflated
  • Quickly dismantled and stowed away
  • Small pack size
  • Handle Connection System to be fixed easy above waterline without getting wet


Climbing towers, yacht slides and water trampolines



The Flagship Pirates Tower stands tall as the ultimate tool for action-packed jumping, relaxation, or lounging by the water. From nearly 3 meters high, you can take the plunge for the highest jump imaginable. With different slides and individual climbing routes, there's something for everyone on the Pirates Tower.



For those seeking a slightly more compact option, the Spinera Professional Aquapark Pirates Rock offers the same thrills in a smaller package. This diving tower with a small slide is perfect for yachts and superyachts, and it can seamlessly connect to existing aquaparks or platforms in all directions.



SPINERA Pirates Base, Tower, Tramp, and more are crafted from durable HD PVC material, ensuring longevity and reliability. Whether connected together or standing alone, our Aquapark line is suitable for yachts of all sizes, from smaller vessels to grand superyachts.



Experience the perfect blend of excitement and luxury with Spinera Aquapark for Yachts and Beaches.


Spinera Yacht & Beach Builder Tool

To help you plan and arrange your Spinera Aquapark elements and yacht toys behind your yacht, we have created a tool for you here. 

Simply download the Excel file. Below the product list you will see a yacht with dimensions, to the right of which all the elements are listed (also Yachtbeach platforms. The modules are all shown to scale. Simply drag the pictures to the desired position.

Have fun planning! 

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