Aquapark for YACHTS & for Operators of Rental stations & BEACHES

With the Aquapark products for YACHT & BEACH, SPINERA already launched a gigantic water fun adventure in fall 2021.
Due to the great demand, SPINERA has already developed another highlight in 2022 and set another milestone in the development of Aquapark and Super Yacht Toys with the SPINERA Aquapark Pirates Rock. So now you can choose from a considerable range of Spinera climbing tower, trampolines and co.

The Spinera Professional Aquapark products leave no dreams unfulfilled and offer not only action-packed jumping and climbing but also the possibility to slide down several slides into the water. All this directly behind your yacht or as a stand-alone product at your lake. Quickly inflated and ready for use and also quickly stowed away again, the aqua park elements from SPINERA are extremely popular, especially with yacht owners and operators of cableparks/rental stations.

But the products can also be sold very well as a dealer and agent. The demand for stand alone items has increased enormously in recent years. Take a look at our products. You will be thrilled!

Accessories for Rental Stations

We at Spinera carry the right accessories for operators and suppliers of aqua- & water parks. For the attachment of the aqua park elements we offer the appropriate anchoring lines, as well as strong powerful pumps, which are needed for large aqua parks for quick filling.

Of course, all our rental vests are provided with a size color code, which simplifies the allocation of the correct size to the rental customers and thus more customers can be supplied even faster. Furthermore, all of our rental vests comply with the EN ISO 12405-5 50N certification.


Spinera Yacht & Beach Builder Tool

To help you plan and arrange your Spinera Aquapark elements and yacht toys behind your yacht, we have created a tool for you here. 
Simply download the Excel file. Below the product list you will see a yacht with dimensions, to the right of which all the elements are listed (also Yachtbeach platforms. The modules are all shown to scale. Simply drag the pictures to the desired position. Have fun planning! 

Aquapark Products for YACHT & BEACH

The Pirates Base 500 is the perfect tool for action-packed jumping, relaxing or lounging by the water. You can make the highest jump from almost 4 m height from the Pirates Tower. You can slide down from different slides or find your own individual climbing route. 

SPINERA Pirates Base, Tower, Tramp and Co are made of durable HD PVC material and can be connected together or stand alone. SPINERA's Aquapark line is therefore also perfect for smaller beach clubs, lidos or yachts.


SPINERA Aquapark Pirates Tower


The climbing tower with 2 slides is the ideal module for yachts, superyachts and beach bars and offers action packed jumping from different heights and various sliding possibilities. 


  • 3 Sides to Connect with other Elements, all 3 Sides are ready to include Velcro Safety Flap, 6 super handsome Carry Handles,
    Multiple Climbing Handles, Multi-Level Construction, Wind and Wave ready design
  • 1 Giant Tower Slide (Slide Height 260cm)
  • 1 Small Tower Slide (Slide Height 200cm)
  • 1 Jump Tower (Jump Height 300cm)
  • 1 Climbing Side

SPINERA Aquapark Pirates Rock


The Spinera Professional Aquapark Pirates Rock is the more compact version of the jumping tower Pirates Tower. Due to its size and flexibility, the diving tower with small slide is the ideal module for yachts, superyachts and beach clubs and can also be connected to existing aquaparks in all 4 directions.


  • Compact diving tower with one slide
  • 5 rings in all 4 directions: The tower can be connected to all common aquapark brands
  • 4 anchor rings at the bottom
  • The slide can be removed (it is included and not sold separately) 

SPINERA Aquapark Pirates Base 500


The Spinera Professional Aquapark Pirates Base 500 incl. Base Step can be set up in just a few minutes and is then immediately ready for action-packed bouncing, relaxing or lazing by the water with friends and family and is particularly suitable for yachts.


  • Compact Base
  • Frameless Design, easy-fix exchangeable jump cloth,
  • 4 sides to connect with other Elements, all 4 sides are ready to include Velcro Safety Flap

Upgrade Options:

1 x Base Slide, 1 x Base Beam, 1 x Easy Up 250, 2nd Base Step or as set:

SPINERA Aquapark Pirates Tramp


The Spinera Professional Aquapark Pirates Tramp 500 incl. base step is very stable thanks to its stainless steel frame and is particularly suitable for high jumps. The water trampoline is popular with cable parks and beach bars.


  • 304 Stainless Steel Frame, 112 Stainless Steel Springs, Springs are made stainless steel 304 - not galvanized,
  • Super Soft and extra wide Safety Pad
  • 4 Sides to Connect with other Elements, all 4 Sides are ready to include Velcro Safety Flap

Upgrade Options:

1 x Base Slide, 1 x Base Beam, 1 x Easy Up 250, 2nd Base Step or as a set:

Upgrade Options:

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