Rental Tubes

Rental Tubes

SPINERA Rental Tubes

Spinera offers numerous rental tubes for operators, water ski schools and rental stations in its product range.

Nylon Covered Tubes

The Spinera Nylon Covered Towables of the Professional line are made of a very durable nylon material, stronger end hooks, are more resistant to wear and tear and therefore best suited for intensive use in rental stations and water ski schools.

Heavy Duty Tubes

The so-called Heavy Duty Tubes are made of one piece and offer an extremely long durability for many rides. They are often used in the sector of water ski schools/operators and also in the private sector.

HD Spinning Tube

Our Spinera Spinning Tube series with the Endless Ride 4-6 and Endless Ride 8-12 is the absolute eye-catcher on the water. A tube that also rotates around its own axis during the ride, where else can you find such a thing. At SPINERA! The Spinera Professional Endless Ride really leaves nothing to be desired. With its generous space and a capacity of up to 12 people, fun on the water with friends and family is guaranteed. Thanks to the extra-reinforced PVC material, the Endless Ride is extremely durable and resistant to abrasions and damage. At the bottom, the tube rope is pushed through a rotating cylinder. As the speed of the boat increases, the tube rotates faster and faster around its own axis.

HD Multirider

The Spinera Professional Multirider series is available in 5 different sizes. All Spinera Professional Multiriders are made of a 5-ply rubberised fabric, which is resistant and extremely durable. This high quality material is insensitive to UV rays and has a low water displacement resistance due to its excellent gliding properties. All seams are double taped. On the sides, specially bonded rubbing strips protect the fabric from abrasion and damage. End caps are fitted to protect the Multirider and at the same time provide more stability. Numerous handholds, which are firmly glued to the Multirider, prevent you from accidentally falling into the water.


You can also find suitable accessories such as lines and pumps and various water sports vests in our shop.

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